Why The Paris Agreement Is Good For The United States

Until the entry into force of the withdrawal, the United States was bound by its obligations under the Agreement, such as. B, the obligation to continue to report their emissions to the United Nations. [5] The withdrawal went into effect on November 4, 2020, one day after the 2020 U.S. presidential election. [6] On June 1, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the United States would cease all participation in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and begin negotiations to support the agreement “on terms that affect the United States, its businesses, its workers, its people, are fair to their taxpayers” or form a new agreement. [1] In withdrawing from the deal, Trump said that “the Paris Agreement will undermine the (American) economy” and “definitely disadvantage the United States.” [2] [3] Trump said the withdrawal would be in line with his America First policy.

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