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An agreement has yet to be reached between Doug Ford`s government and Ontario`s four major education unions. A preliminary agreement was reached between the teaching staff and the Lambton Kent District School Board. The agreement is subject to the ratification procedure by both parties. Details will be known after ratification. On November 25, 2020, the Lambton Kent District School Board and the Elementary Federation of Ontario Authorities Lambton Kent Teacher Local (ETFO) reached a preliminary agreement. “We are pleased to reach an interim agreement with CUPE,” said Jane Bryce, Chair of the LKDSB. “We appreciate the ongoing commitment and commitment of all CUPE employees who provide important support and services in our schools and throughout lambton Kent School Board County.” “We are delighted to reach a preliminary agreement with the Lambton Kent Teacher Local Ontario Federation,” said President Jane Bryce. “We appreciate the ongoing commitment and commitment of ETFO staff to support student performance and well-being.” A provincial collective agreement between CUPE, the Council of Trustees` Association and the Government of Ontario was ratified on November 4, 2019. L 20.01 The Director of Human Resources or the delegate may grant leave to a worker under this section for personal reasons, provided that: (a) the request for leave is made on the standard “Leave Request” form, available in each school office and in the human resources department of the board of directors; (b) the “leave request” form must be duly completed, signed by the employee, by the principal/supervisor and sent to the personnel manager or required to arrive at least ten (10) days before the date of the leave; (c) in an emergency, a telephone call shall be allowed to the contracting entity or the hierarchical superior, followed by a completed application form; (d) The employer considers that such an absence must not run counter to the effective functioning of the school system and that such a request is not inappropriately rejected. OSSTF Benefits Memorandum – OSSTF Benefits Eligibility Information for Teachers and LTOs During the Summer Months If you have accepted a long-term position of circumstance or are considering one, remember that you can qualify for performance. Long-term employees who teach for an entire semester are entitled to request all the services of the Board of Directors and to receive the subsidized rate. If they wish to continue benefits for a period during which they do not work full-time, they can continue to access benefits, but must pay the full cost of the premium. Please contact the district office for more details.

In the 2014 round of negotiations, we used some form of paid app for natives to gather information about members in preparation for strike pay. . . .

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