Das Sales And Purchase Agreement

We help our clients achieve a clear transaction conclusion for a predictable sales product, or be able to make appropriate purchase price measurements and adjustments if the financial position of the acquired entity does not meet expectations. If you want to sell your business and get a clear transaction conclusion for a predictable sales product, or buy a business by getting the necessary protection against the seller`s inherited expenses, or the unexpected low performance of the target company, the corresponding financial organization of the SPA is inevitable. We support our customers in the areas related to the purchase price of THE SPAs. Through the close collaboration of our team with your legal advisors, we recognize business issues at an early stage and ensure that they are properly reflected within the SPA. In doing so, we generally make a significant profit or substantial savings for our customers on the price to be paid, and this at a cost that usually represents only a small part of the value generated. With our SPA support based on M-A, you have a significant advantage in the transaction process. We advise buyers and sellers, regardless of the industrial sector concerned, the geographic region and the size of the transactions.

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