Frases Con Agreement

In English, there are different phrases to express your ideas, their use depends on the context, the situation or their use in formal or informal conversations. Do not hesitate to learn vocabulary and thus improve your command of spoken English. As we have always told you, he practices every sentence, word for word, then his debate, his intonation and to put an end to the union of words. You will see that if you follow each of our recommendations, you will learn the language as we did. In English too, we can express our opinion or point of view in a few sentences, to signify that we do not agree with the situation mentioned. Let`s look at some simple phrases that will help you consolidate your English learning. The expressions we type in this entry will be the right options to agree with something, and in this way you can use other phrases than I Agree. If you need to consult the verb to agree before reading further, see the video below. These phrases will help you express the idea in English or Spanish that you agree to share someone else`s ideas. You can use these informal phrases (i) during an interview with friends or in the most formal sentences (f) for formal dialogue or in an email communication.

English sentences without (i) or (f) are suitable for both situations. If, on the contrary, it is not underlined, the informal sentences here (i) are also suitable for commercial emails between companies that communicate often. – We agree with your plans. (f) We agree with your plans.

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