India Military Logistics Agreement

The agreement has the potential to anger China, which is currently embedding in a military conflict in eastern Ladakh along the effective line of control with India, as it is engaged in an ongoing dispute with Japan over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. The signing of the logistics agreement demonstrates the priority that Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s government places on a closer defense relationship with the United States, said Benjamin Schwartz, India`s national director at the Pentagon until last year. “This agreement will facilitate the good supply and services between Japan`s self-defense forces and the Indian armed forces. It will also promote closer cooperation between the armed forces on the ground, thus contributing more to global peace and security,” the Japanese statement said. The agreement on the reciprocal provision of supplies and services between the Indian armed forces and Japan`s self-defence forces was signed here on 9 September. By concluding military logistics agreements with the United States, France, Singapore and South Korea, India has managed to steer a fair trajectory in an unshakeated geostrategic environment, and is eager to sign a similar agreement with Russia shortly. The aim was to strengthen cooperation in the areas of maritime security, joint exercise, HADR and marine interoperability. Although Indian warships can still extend their range using their fleet vessels, the availability of logistical support facilities with other countries will further enhance the Indian navy`s ability to maintain an adequate “presence” for a long time in its areas of interest throughout the Indo-Pacific area. The agreement provides for the creation of a framework for closer cooperation and interoperability and does not allow military personnel from both countries to use each other`s bases and facilities for repair and replenishment of supplies, the official said. In a statement to the press, India`s Foreign Ministry said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his counterpart, outgoing Abe Shinzo, “… Agreed that the agreement will further strengthen defence cooperation between the two countries and contribute to peace and security in the Pacific region. It is interesting to note that the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke of the agreement`s ability to enable the Japanese and Indian military to contribute to “international peace and international security,” not to mention in particular a theatre. Logistics agreements are administrative arrangements that help facilitate the recovery of fuel, rations, spare parts (if necessary) as well as berths and maintenance stations for warships, military aircraft and troops from other countries during routine port gatherings, exercises and training in other countries` countries.

, as well as during humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR).

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