International Fuel Tax Agreement Tax Return Washington

For copies of your ifta foreclosed tax returns, access your TAP account. For certified copies, complete the IFTA information-sharing request for Washington State and provide the information on the form. Once the application has been processed, you will receive your return according to the requested method as well as via your TAP account. Washington calculates 1% interest on the full amount due from the 1st of the following month if the balance of the due not paid. Washington`s interest is applied to the net balance payable on the first of the month following the filing due date. We send pre-printed quarterly IFTA tax returns containing barcode information to active account holders. This quarterly mailing includes IFTA`s current tax rate plan. The IFTA quarterly tax return must be filed on the original printed form, or you can access the TAP to complete the quarterly return electronically. Submit online via TAP or complete the pre-printed IFTA tax return form for the appropriate period. You will find instructions for completing the tax return on the TAP page, our IFTA tax return instructions or in the IFTA membership package. Tax returns must be filed according to the following table: As an IFTA member, you must complete and file an IFTA tax return every 3 months. You must submit though: All accounts must be paid in full. If your account is revoked, you would have received a letter regarding this action and requirements.

When resetting, use the “Reset” link in your TAP account or fill out a new IFTA app. All remaining sums must be paid in full and a $100 re-engagement fee must be paid. A new sticker app can be completed if you don`t have an up-to-date decal. Save a trip! Most services are available via TAP – PRFT Taxpayer Access Point. Interest is set annually by IFTA, Inc. at 2 percentage points above the underpayment rate set by the IRS. This rate is monthly at 1/12 of the annual rate. If the account is managed by a service office and the IFTA member wishes to remove access to the service, a request must be submitted in writing and sent by email, TAP, POA, etc. Our employees will make the change and your TAP account will reflect it or we will call you.

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