Orc Agreement

When an invention is made as part of a research project, Duke`s researcher must formally disclose the invention to the Office of Licensing and Ventures, which will then work with the external unit and researcher Duke to develop appropriate measures to protect intellectual property and appropriate licensing. It is important that the OLV be informed that the invention was made as a result of RS research to enable OLV to properly consider intellectual property issues. Note: Unless provided for by the above laws, consumers are not generally entitled to terminate a contract or purchase for three days. For example, consumers do not have the right to cancel the purchase of a vehicle. For example, if the research of a Duke researcher is funded in whole or in part by NIH or other government authorities, this activity is subject to the requirements of public law 96-517, known as the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980, which protects Duke`s rights to inventions made in the course of research, while granting the government certain rights to these inventions. In addition, Duke researchers, who complement any industry-funded research by NIH or other public funds, are needed to maximize the use of their research results by making them available to the research community and the public and transferring them in a timely and efficient manner to industry. HIPAA defines a limited set of indirect identifier data (which are still PIs) that can be disclosed without authorization as part of a contract to use the data for research, health or health purposes; to avoid confusion about this, that protected health information (“PHI”) (“PHI”) (health information containing additional information that can be used to identify the object of the data) by HIPA must be understood by a researcher who defines HIPA identifiers as one of the following: A research agreement (RA) is a contract that establishes the relationship between Duke and another party (external entity) under which Duke receives grants and/or a drug. Research may be non-clinical, preclinical or clinical. The CSR defines the conditions under which research is conducted, for example. B the specific scope of research, budgetary and payment conditions, as well as the search schedule.

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