Reader Distribution License Agreement

(c) remove, disable or bypass the process of submitting and accepting the end-user license agreement, unless certain distributors are authorized in accordance with Section 2 of the Agreement (StandardUpDater Settings). 1.2 “AIR Redistribution Helper” or “ARH” refers to an online command service program that detects and installs Adobe AIR and Adobe AIR execution applications. 14.2.1 If you purchased the software in Germany or Austria and are usually staying in that country, Section 8 does not apply, but, subject to the provisions of Section 14.2.2, Adobe`s legal liability for damages applies as follows: (i) Adobe is only liable until the amount of damage usually foreseeable at the time of the contract. which were caused by a slightly negligent breach of an essential contractual obligation. and (ii) Adobe is not liable for damage caused by a minor breach of an immaterial obligation of contract. (1) Adobe logos, product signatures or stylized trademarks, unless the distributor does not grant any rights to the licensed software authorizing: i) disclosure or distribution of the software in the form of source code or (iii) distribution of the software in exchange for a fee. 2.1 License. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including the requirements and restrictions below, and only for the purposes of distribution described in this Section 2, Adobe grants the distributor a non-exclusive, non-transferable, free and free license for the use and distribution of the Software for the installation and use of the unchanged software on operating systems authorized on personal computers. 3.1 Adobe grants the distributor and distributor a global, non-exclusive and non-transferable personal right to use and broadcast the “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC” button for printed media or additional or replacement buttons or logos provided by Adobe under this agreement (the “brands”). The distributor may only use the trademarks as part of the authorized forms of software dissemination covered in Section 2 of this agreement, provided that this use is also consistent with the following provisions (3) (3) As a specific exception to those mentioned above, a distributor that distributes copies of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on an intranet, as indicated in Section 2.2 (A) , can indicate the end-user`s license agreement in accordance with each customization. , provided by Adobe and provided that the distributor accepts the terms of this agreement for itself and for all its intranet end users prior to this release.

3.3 Features of the document. The software may contain functions and functions (the “functions of the document”) that appear disabled or “greyed out.” These document functions are only enabled if a PDF document is created with the corresponding activation technology, available only by Adobe (“Keys”). You agree not to access deactivated document features or to try to access them or bypass permissions that control the activation of these document features. You can only use the document`s functions with PDF documents that have been activated with keys purchased under a valid Adobe license. Other use is not allowed. 1.5 “Software” (as defined in the agreement) includes, for the purposes of this Appendix B: (a) Adobe Runtimes, (b) for Adobe AIR, its self-expressing installation and installation files when the distributor chooses to download, and (c) ARH.

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