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16 5.5.3 Internal Communication 5.6 General Quality Quality Management Control of the Quality System The organization`s management organizes monthly QOS performance meetings (quality operating system) as indicated in the Q1 evaluation of available production sites on the results of these QOS checks. Note: The frequency of production site evaluations is indicated by the Q1 requirements available on note: the management review should not be conducted in a single session, but may be a series of meetings covering each of the monthly entry exam exam data, must also include the results of the evaluation of the results of the production of q1. 015 20 7.1.3 Privacy Control 7.2 Customer Processes Defining Product Requirements Special Characteristics Named by the Customer Symbols The organization should contact Ford Engineering, In order to obtain compliance for the use of Ford Motor Company`s special features defined in the table below characteristics CRITICAL CHARACTERISTIC (CC) Symbol (Safe or legal) SIGNIFICANT CHARACTERISTIC (SC) (Not in relation to safety or legal considerations) the organization may develop its own particular characteristics. Definitions of specific features are available in the Ford FMEA manual. Ford Designated Special Characteristics Critical Characteristic () Parts that Ford has called control parts are selected products identified by Ford Engineering, unchecked by Ford/supplier and marked on designs and specifications with an inverted delta () before the part. Control products have critical features that can affect the safety of the vehicle and/or compliance with regulatory rules. Unique symbols that identify the safety and control features on the components corresponding to the inverted delta icon (). Fixing elements with critical properties For attachments, basic numbers from W9 should be treated as an inverted delta. Critical features for attachment elements can be defined by methods defined in ford Engineering Fastener Specifications, which are available through Ford Global Materials and Fastener Standards or the specification suppliers mentioned in the 4.1 of this document. Other Special Features Significant and High Effects and Operator Safety Features are described in August 20, 2015 22 organizations responsible for design If the organization is responsible for the design, the organization has documented FMEAs design to prepare all Ford parts it designs. FMEAs FMEAs families can be written for party families, the only difference in parts lies in form, not form, application or function. The organization should obtain a sta audit and compliance prior to the use of FMEAs for denudation processes. The organization should obtain Ford verification and compliance prior to the use of the FMEAs family design.

FMEA Documentation Suppliers provide copies of FMEA documents to Ford Motor Company upon request. FMEA Requirements Suppliers must meet the requirements of the Ford FMEA manual, see FSP library providers that complete the Ford FMEA manual, meet the FMEA and meet the associated requirements of the Q1 production site evaluation.

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