Sunrider Ibo Agreement

If you or a user of this website believes that your copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights have been infringed by a posting on this website, you or the user must send a detailed notice to Sunrider at, Respect Legal Department. Any reference to copyright infringement must conform to the form proposed by the United States Digital Copyright Act (DMCA). You acknowledge and agree that Sunrider, after receiving a claim of copyright infringement in accordance with the terms of the DMCA, may immediately remove the identified materials from this website without being liable to you or any other party. Your right to copyright infringement may be presented to the alleged infringer, who may provide a response through the DMCA. Please note that Sunrider has no right to enter into any alleged infringement or otherwise and that, in such a dispute, sunrider consists only of removing any material that violates the law (as established by a competent judicial authority). In addition, when you use certain services or materials on this site, you are subject to any published policies or rules that apply to such services or materials and that may include, in addition to the terms, conditions and exclusions of liability contained in this Agreement. All such policies or rules, including but not limited to Sunrider`s Privacy Policy, are included by reference in this Agreement….

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