Collective Agreement Operational Services

In addition, the 34 agreements contain the same Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of collective agreements. The agreement defines the new method of calculating retroactive payments and provides for longer time frames for the implementation of the agreements. The agreement also includes appropriate liability measures and compensation for staff, given the extended delays. Since spring 2018, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) has been negotiating, on behalf of the Treasury Board, the employer of the CPA, with more than 11 negotiators to renew collective agreements representing more than 175,000 employees. Footnote 2 Footnote 3 In order to align the agreement signed by the parties in April 2018 with the agreement signed by the parties, the employer proposes to remove ITDs and SDs from the GL Group Compensation Definition (Annex B) and to add a definition of compensation for the GS (Annex C) and HS (Annex E) groups, indicating that compensation is defined as the basic remuneration in Schedule A. Subsequent changes made throughout the agreement must be made in accordance with this agreed approach. The negotiation delegate attempted to remove the notion of a 12-hour position from Schedule D of the agreement. On April 10, 2018, the parties signed an MOS that dealt with the calculation of the DTI and the SD in order to resolve a political complaint that was not completed at the time of collective bargaining during the last round (2014-2018). Among the results of the Joint Hay Study 2015, the ships `Crews (SC) group was absent because there was not enough participation to achieve significant results. Nevertheless, this group expected a wage adjustment of 5% at the same time as the model established for economic increases.

In addition, an agreement was reached to establish a joint committee with the union and the employer to review their remuneration (Annex L). The employer argues that the agent`s proposal should not be the subject of collective bargaining and that the Commission should not be treated in its report in accordance with Sections 113 and 177 of the Federal Industrial Relations and Employment Act (FPSLRA) (Figure #15).

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