Listing Agreement Coldwell Banker

ASSIGNMENT – Transfer of the right, ownership and participation in the ownership of a person, the assignee, to another person, the agent. In real estate, there are, among other things, mortgage disposals, contracts, sales contracts, leases and options. ACCELERATION CLAUSE – A clause in a debt, sales contract or mortgage that gives the lender the right to call all amounts due and due before the fixed payment date after the date of receipt of a particular event, such as. B sale, delay, sale or any other charge on the property. The main sales hours vary in different parts of the country, often dictated by the weather. In late spring and early fall are premium listing seasons, because homes tend to “show” better during these months. And of course, people like to shop at home in good weather. As with an open offer, agents do not spend money on marketing your home and it is not placed in the multiple list system. It`s your agent`s job to look at the market and determine how your property stands out from the competition. It is the role of the broker to ensure that you position your property at a price to drive traffic and create the best conditions for more than one offer. For this reason, they recommend asking for prices based on current offers and the selling prices of homes in your neighborhood.

EXTENDER CLAUSE – A transfer clause (called a safeguard clause) is included in a list that provides that a broker is still entitled to a commission for a specified period after the listing expires, if the property is sold to an earlier perspective of the broker. Compensation – For a contract to be valid, there must be compensation. The listing contract will indicate the amount and date of payment to your broker. As a general rule, the payment is an agreed percentage of the sale price payable at closing. It is important to note that your obligation to pay your broker does not necessarily depend on a sale transaction. For example, if the real estate agent finds a good faith buyer who is willing to pay your price and accept the terms you have offered, but you have cold feet at the last moment and you decide not to sell, the broker has done his job and is allowed to be paid under the terms of the list contract. For this reason, no agent will market your home or enroll it in the multiple list service. If your home meets the criteria of one of their customers and it is comfortable, they may be willing to show it to their client. That`s all an “open offer” is all about.

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