Pcc Telecommute Agreement

6.634 The total amount of the release period and additional salary should cover the number of departments, the amount of assistance provided by other faculties and staff, the number of part-time and part-time faculty assessments (assuming approximately three hours per evaluation) and the extent of program coordination responsibilities beyond the scope of other full-time faculties. As a group, the deans of education check each year the remuneration, support and duties of the faculty department in order to ensure a certain coherence between these agreements. 6.2131 Any telework agreement between a faculty member and its executive director must be written and recognize the responsibilities of the faculty member outside the classroom. (see article 5) Agreements for courses that are being developed for the first time or that are undergoing a complete review will be audited in accordance with the university`s standards for the design of online courses before being proposed. An LOA for several terms does not prevent the college from terminating the agreement in the event of an unsatisfactory performance. Asked about the government`s measures to help workers who do not have access to the tools needed for telework, such as digital devices and the stability of the Internet connection, deD Patriwirawan, Jr., responded that the existing telemuting law already provided for what workers need for telework, taking into account in the first place that they would have to be done on a voluntary basis and under conditions that are consensual for both sides. He said that the main assumption of the law is that there is already an employer and existing labor relations to ensure the responsibility and duties of both parties. He also pointed out that the implementation of a telemutation programme in companies required eligibility agreements, the current code of conduct, appropriate alternative jobs, the use and cost of equipment, working arrangements and hours of work, conditions of employment, allowances and benefits, determination of non-reduction of benefits, health and safety standards at work. , including respect for data protection. This agreement must be renewed each year and at the end of the employment period, depending on the first date. By submitting this form, the employee confirms that he has verified and understood the PCC`s technology and usage policies and accepts the following provisions to protect sensitive controlled data (PII, PHI, HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, etc.). 6.111 The normal working year can be scheduled in three terms during an academic year. Normally, the task is for autumn, winter and spring conditions.

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