Service Agreement Template Germany

If you choose to register or record “account data” in accordance with PCI standards (including the customer card account number or expiry date), you must manage a PCI-compliant system. If you do not meet PCI standards or if we or a payment or payment agency is unable to verify your compliance with PCI standards, we may suspend your Stripe account or terminate that contract. If you intend to use a third-party provider to store or transfer account data, you cannot disclose the data to the provider until you check whether the third party has a PCI-compliant certification and informs us of your intention to share account data with the service provider. In addition, you agree never to store or store Sensitive Authentication Data as defined in PCI standards (including CVC or CVV2). Information on PCI standards can be found on the PCI TIP website. You authorize us to obtain information about you from our service providers and other third parties, including credit agencies and information offices, and you authorize and make these third parties available to these third parties to collect and provide us with this information. You acknowledge that this may contain your name, address, credit history and other information about you or your representative. You recognize that we can use your data to verify all other information you provide us and that any information we have collected may influence our assessment of your overall risk to our business. You acknowledge that, in some cases, such information may result in the suspension or termination of your Stripe account. Stripe can regularly update this information as part of our application criteria and risk analysis procedures. CEOs play a prominent role in their respective companies. You represent and run the company and take responsibility for business decisions.

They can play an important role in the success and failure of the company. Directors, shareholders and supervisors should therefore thoroughly consider the content and provisions of management services contracts. This applies first of all to situations in which a new management service contract is to be entered into. In addition, this also applies in situations where another manager must be appointed, an existing management contract due to altered circumstances, changes in the responsibilities of board members, restructuring or transformation processes or simply whenever a manager`s contract has to be terminated, adapted or modified. Customers generally increase disputes over the payment card network (also known as “chargebacks”) when a merchant does not provide the product or service to the customer or if the card account holder has not approved the fee.

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