Website Maintenance Service Level Agreement Template

This list is not exhaustive. There may be other information that you feel is essential to your contract, such as the confidentiality agreement.B. If you want your contract to be binding, you and your client must sign it. Your customers may have ideas about the services you offer that don`t match their actual offerings. This can lead to angry website owners who feel cheated because they didn`t know that your packages, for example, do not contain search engine optimization (SEO). Finally, your intermediate level will probably attract the majority of your customers. It may include services such as content updates, SEO and limited support. Customers who want more than what your lower level has to offer (without wanting to pay for your most expensive option) will probably settle here. However, if you set a deadline for your contracts, you will have some air to breathe. Suppose you recognize a few months during which you offer maintenance services that your late payment fees are a little too lenient. They can simply develop a new contract that will be presented to existing customers when their terms are met. In return for providing support and maintenance services, the customer must pay the costs. These can be determined, periodically or calculated based on the time spent on the staff of the service provider.

In the case of time-based amendments, the optional clauses in the agreement provide for: (i) the retention and disclosure of working time data; and (ii) a minimum commitment to services. Hopefully we`ve given you an idea of what your site maintenance contract should contain and that we have access to multiple resources to create a website. However, a person with the right training can check for errors in the specific wording of your contract. The model is designed only for smaller works. For example, intellectual property rights provisions are not sufficiently developed to cover larger works. You would be in the best position to evaluate – taking into account both the specific provisions of the presentation and the nature of your business – where you can draw the line between the smallest and the larger works. The hours of your maintenance program can be accumulated in the coming months. If you have an existing project that exceeds the hours in your maintenance plan, you have the option to pay the difference based on your rate. If you have included a termination clause in your maintenance and support contract on your website (we recommend it), the indication of the duration of the contract may seem unnecessary. Each party can terminate the relationship at any time, so the worry with a renewal process could be an additional inconvenience.

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